Using 2 Sweet Blond Boys – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Xavier Sibley, Mitch Schif, Jamie Kelvin

Master Kane and Xavier are ready to swap their smooth young blond boys. With his arse sore from all the flogging American twink Mitch is strapped into the metal seat, his arse out for Xavier to play with. Meanwhile Master Kane straps young Jamie into the swing and wraps him in plastic, sucking his dick and playing with his hole. The thick black rubber toys slide into each tight pucker while the doms play with their captives, rubbing cocks and making the boys dribble juice. Xavier can’t resist the opportunity to come and fill Jamie’s prepared hole with his rampant fuckmeat, while Master turns his attention to Mitch for some hole licking fun. Will the boys be allowed to cum before they’re put away again? Stick around for part 3!