Tyler Tanner & Ethan Tate – Encounter 3

Studio: Bound Twinks
Actors: Tyler Tanner, Ethan Tate

Ethan swings gently in his sling, waiting patiently for his dom twink, Tyler, to return. His mouth is gagged with tape and his hands and feet are bound, but his desire to run is totally overwhelmed by his excitement about what’s to come.
Tyler has proven to be a very sensual top, giving him more pleasure than he would have ever thought to ask for. And when he re-enters his dungeon, Ethan is breathless to feel his touch and kiss again.
Tyler sees Ethan and is instantly hard. He knew Ethan would make a perfect captive submissive! And he’s ready to back inside his guts!
Tyler eats Ethan’s hole, fingering it and praising it for being a perfect gift for his cock. Ethan still struggles to see himself as just a toy for his master’s joy, but as soon as Tyler gets back inside, all his questions are silenced beneath the sounds of his muffled moans!
Ethan’s cock is rock hard as Tyler pounds away, tempting the dom top to grab it and stroke it as he moves harder inside. Ethan’s mouth stays covered, but Tyler can see in his eyes that his bottom is in ecstasy!