Tyler Tanner & Ethan Tate – Encounter 2

Studio: Bound Twinks
Actors: Tyler Tanner, Ethan Tate

Ethan’s back for more.
Tyler has him tied with his hands up, pits exposed, and a smooth, athletic frame ready for play. Ethan’s mouth remains taped, ensuring that Tyler can only hear his own words of adoration for the bound twink.
Ethan’s instincts still tell him to pull back as Tyler touches him, but once they lock lips, he’s incapable of fighting his newfound appreciation for the selfish top.
As Tyler bends down and rims Ethan’s ass, the bound boy can be seen arching his back, as if trying to give more of himself to his captor.
Ethan doesn’t know what’s happening to him. Even while being suspended and teased, he’s happier with Tyler by him than when he’s away. He’s even found to look forward to the taste of Tyler in his mouth.
Tyler’s aware. And instead of fucking his mouth, Tyler satisfies his urges by sucking his bound boy’s cock, devouring his hole, and proceeding to breed his ass without ever giving him that satisfaction. He has to leave him wanting more. After all, that’s how to keep him truly captive.