Twinky Plaything Properly Used – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Alex Faux

Alex has been desperate to cum from the start but dom Sean has kept the boy’s cock securely locked up for most of it. He’s just been fucked raw and has his arse pummeled by dick and toys, but Sean isn’t done with that yet. He gets the boy on his back on the dirty mattress, parting his legs up over his head with a wooden bar, giving him full access to the boy’s cock and arse. The sucking and wanking is just the start, soon he’s sliding in an electro probe and powering up the jolts inside the boy’s arse. His cock throbs and leaks while Sean strokes and sucks him, tasting the clear liquid oozing from his dick. A fat dildo does the trick, crammed into the boy and rammed repeatedly while Sean continually rubs, licks and slurps the boy’s cock until semen gushes from the lad! If you think that’s the end prepare for some writhing, Sean loves to make a spent cock throb with agony! It’s an intense end to this 4K experience, but with all the cries of pain and pleasure and all the wet and messy fun they’ve had I think Alex will want more from Sean in the future.