Twinky Plaything Properly Used – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Alex Faux

Alex still has his cock caged up after the hot and cold teasing of part 1, but that’s because Sean is ready to properly use the boy to get his cum splashing out. With a little adjustment the smooth boy is bent over, one leg roped up, his pucker perfectly positioned for Sean to use. He starts out licking the hole, diving his tongue into the boy to get a taste of the sweet arse his cock is desperate to slide into. Somehow he manages to delay getting what he came for instead using a toy to fuck the boy hard and mean. Alex endures, but soon enough it’s time for that fuckmeat. Sean slams his big boner inside, warm and naked, ramming the lad from behind, lifting him up to take him from the front, pausing a couple of times to pull out and piss all over the slutty boy’s twitching pucker. Some big balls are crammed inside, stretching Alex some more, but finally Sean can’t take it and has to get off. With some final rampant jabbing of his bare meat he pulls out and unloads his hot cum over Alex’s sweet rump! Will Alex get to cum in part 3?