Twinky Little Taylor Well Used – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Taylor Mason

You have to admit, if you had adorable smooth boy Taylor roped up on a table and ready to be used you’d probably have a whole list of things you’d want to enjoy with him. You know chav lad Sean is always prepared for such a thing, so don’t be surprised to see him taking his time in this trilogy of horny action, starting out with some intense foot enjoyment. With some sucking of the boy’s toes and some licking of his soles Sean soon has his long uncut cock out, hard as usual. The pinwheel and flogging ensures that young Taylor knows his place, not that he can do anything while Sean makes use of those sexy feet, fucking his cock between them, taking a break to feed the boy his big meat, then returning to thrust between his soles some more and showering them with hot cum! You know he’s nowhere near done yet, and Taylor should maybe wonder what Sean plans to do with all those burning candles around them. You’re gonna love part two!