Training Davin’s Pig – RAW

Studio: Bound Gods
Actors: Davin Strong, Cesar Xes

Cesar Xes balances on one leg, bound in rope with a ball gag in his mouth, waiting for his Dom to have his way with him. Muscle stud, Davin Strong enters the dungeon and grabs Cesar’s face with his leather gloved hand. He tells Cesar that he’s only a toy for him to play with and it gets Cesar’s dick hard. Davin brings Cesar’s cock to the edge with a lubed up stroker. Davin grabs his leather flogger and hits Cesar’s flesh while he swings Cesar around. In the next scene, Davin has Cesar tied up to a Saint Andrew’s cross, blindfolded. Davin torments Cesar’s nipples then gets to his knees and sucks his big cock. Just as Cesar starts to enjoy the cock-sucking, Davin whips his dick with a leather crop. Cesar is released, only to be made to get on his hands and knees and lick Davin’s leather boots. The site gets Davin’s dick hard and so he pulls out his cock and uses Cesar’s mouth as a fuck-toy. Davin gets behind Cesar, shoves his cock inside his asshole, and pounds it hard as his thighs slap against Cesar’s meaty ass cheeks. Davin cums on Cesar’s face and Davin milks the cum out of Cesar’s cock for being such a good Submissive.