Trading In His Raw Straight Hole

Studio: Young Bastards

He knew he was in trouble when the deadline arrived. He didn’t have the cash to pay Marco the rent and now he was gonna pay with his ass. Marco made no secret of the fact that if he didn’t get his money he would take it out on Felipe’s raw straight hole, and now here he was, bent over with Marco eating out his virgin pucker. It didn’t feel too bad, his dick seemed to like it, but then Marco’s huge meat was cramming into his wet ass and the pain shot through him. He knew he had to take it but he was glad when it started to get easier. His cock leaked pre and dribbled on his abs while Marco grabbed his neck and pumped deeper inside, the warm meat prodding up against his prostate. With a break to suck that dick and taste another man’s penis for the first time he was ready to get it over with. He slid back down on the bulging fuckstick, his aching ass stretched around it, ready to take all that cum in his raw straight hole.