Tony Buff and Cameron Adams

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Tony Buff, Cameron Adams

Cameron Adams had never tried sounding, but that soon changedwhen he told Buff he’d give it a try for his solo. Tony Buff teachesCameron the joys of sounding. Watching Adams’ body shiver and hiseyes roll back in his head as he experienced sounding for the firsttime reminded those of us at FetishForce HQ just how fun it is tointroduce fresh players to new fetishes.Fortunately for all of us, Buff’s instructional lesson before the solosoon turns into a duo scene sure to turn on even the most jaded ofsounding aficionados. The impromptu duo scene between CameronAdams and performer/director Tony Buff continues with an edgingsession that includes more sounding, ass eating and an explosiveending that we definitely didn’t expect from what was supposed to bea solo scene.