Tiger Scott – Training the Tiger – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Tiger Scott, Hawker Cadet

Tiger Scott, a naïve submissive who looks even younger than his 21-years, is cuffed, blindfolded and gagged, chained by his throat in the dungeon of a sadistic dom, Hawker Cadet, who has total power over him. At six-foot-six, young Tiger is so long and lanky his A-shirt barely covers his hairless torso. Hawker flogs his new slave’s back and bare stomach before stripping him naked, reveling a sexy, boyish body and a beautiful cock that immediately hardens when Hawker sucks it after tonguing the boy’s equally beautiful mouth. The helpless youth’s cruel whipping and sexual use sets the stage for weeks of intense training – pain and fucking without end.