Tibo Whites and Claude Next

Studio: JalifStudio
Actors: Tibo Whites, Claude Next

Tibo has invited Claude into his home for a personal training session. Claude has a body to die for and lanky Tibo is desperate to know how his abs got to be so sharp! Claude takes his workouts seriously and immediately starts into a number of exercises aimed at developing core strength. Tibo’s baggy tracksuit top seems to be getting in the way-how can Claude tell which abdominal muscles Tibo is engaging if he can’t see past all the fabric? Frustrated, Claude crudely unzips Tibo’s top and instantly runs his hands over the tall man’s-torso. Within seconds it’s not just Claude’s stomach which is rock hard. Sparks begin to fly and the two men start making out in a frenzy of passion. Claude turns his attention to Tibo’s feet; eagerly sniffing, licking and kissing his sweaty sneakers and stinking socks. Within minutes Claude’s lips are firmly wrapped around Tibo’s pre-cum-leaking dick. He sucks hard, gobbling up every inch of Tibo’s perfect, plus-sized penis. After jerking Claude off with his feet, Tibo throws the hunky, muscle-bound bottom onto his back and fucks him with power and brutal energy. Claude cries out in a mixture of ecstasy and shock. Tibo silences him by thrusting a sneaker into his face. It’s all too much for Claude who shoots all over his wash-board stomach. But Tibo’s not done, and continues to bang the whimpering, heavily-spent personal trainer, thrusting his hand over Claude’s mouth to punish him for his premature ejaculation. Tibo pulls out and cums enormous quantities of sticky stuff all over Claude’s heavily-tattooed body and pierced dick. Now that’s a core workout.