The Vacation: Dillon Diaz And Apollo Fates

Actors: Apollo Fates, Dillon Diaz

Dillon Diaz and Apollo Fates take a road trip to an empty vacation resort where they have the whole place to themselves. When Dillon gets up to go pee, a strange man in a hood sneaks up behind him and places an ancient entity into his forehead. Dillon finds Apollo swimming naked in the pool and tells Apollo to follow him. He leads Apollo into an abandoned dungeon where he bludgeons him in the head with a huge dildo. When Apollo gains consciousness, he finds himself bound to a chair with rope, his arms and his legs spread wide. Dillon enters the dungeon and flogs Apollo’s body. He places clothespins across his torso and hits them off with the flogger. Dillon shoves his fingers in Apollo’s ass, getting it ready for a day of huge toys and Dillon’s huge cock. Next, Dillon ties Apollo to a wooden cross and fucks his ass with a huge Bad Dragon dildo. After Apollo has had enough, Dillon takes him down and bends him over a cage. He grabs a huge realistic dildo and fucks Apollo’s ass with it. Dillon takes his leather gloved hand and shoves it inside Apollo’s asshole just before he slides his huge cock inside and fucks his ass raw. Dillon puts Apollo on his back and spreads his legs for some more ass stretching. He grabs and even bigger Bad Dragon dildo and slides it slowly into Apollos ass and fucks him with it. After that, Apollo’s asshole is nice and stretched out for Dillon’s huge fist. He slides his entire fist inside Apollo and Dillon gets so turned on buy it he cums all over his asshole.