The Spice Of Pain: Jake Klerin, Davin Strong, And Sean Xavier

Actors: Davin Strong, Sean Xavier, Jake Klerin

While enjoying a movie together, Sean Xavier sends Jake Klerin to the store to get drinks. While away, Davin Strong shows up to their house, hired by Sean as a surprise to spice things up. When Jake returns, he finds Sean tied up in rope, with a ball-gag in his mouth. Just then, Davin sneaks up from behind and takes him down. Jake gets tied up in rope bondage with one foot on the floor, and the other in a frog-tie. Davin slaps his pale skin with his leather gloved hands until Jake’s skin turns bright red. Davin switches to the flogger and repeatedly hits Jake’s ass. Jake gets clothespins placed all over his body and Davin hits them all off with a crop. Sean tells Jake that it’s all for fun, and the two bend Jake over a wooden stool. Davin shows Sean how to use the flogger, and then the paddle. Sean shoves his enormous cock down Jake’s throat while Davin hits Jake with the leather paddle. Sean crams his massive meat inside Jake’s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw. Davin shoves his hard cock in Jake’s mouth while he gets fucked and Davin and Sean blow their loads all over his body.