The Puzzle Box: Marco Napoli Dominates Zed Sheng Into Another Dimension

Actors: Marco Napoli, Zed Sheng

Newcomer Zed Sheng finds a mysterious puzzle box in his bathroom, but he doesn’t know what to do with it–Intrigued, he plays with it for a while. Finally, it opens and transports him to a whole new dimension where leather-clad Marco Napoli awaits and is more than willing to show Zed the ropes of BDSM as he takes him on a journey wherein he will experience all kinds of pleasure, pain, and other outrageous physical and emotional sensations in the dungeon.
Disoriented, Zed finds himself in a strange place, gagged, bound with rope, and his cock trapped in a chastity cage. Zed welcomes his submissive slut into the dungeon and immediately begins to dominate him and use Zed as he wishes. First, the paddle, then the flogger; Marco doesn’t hold back whipping, beating, and striking his innocent, delicate little plaything. Then tied up, gagged with a bit, and bent over a padded bench, Zed gets the zapper and the violet wand as Marco shocks his ass, inner thighs, balls–all the most sensitive places. Zed whimpers and cries out in pain, but he never says stop. Meanwhile, Marco’s cock is getting rock hard, watching his sexy sub tremble and drool from all of the punishment he inflicts. Marco spanks Zed’s smooth, firm ass and orders him to stay put, then the crop and an intense beating with a big, hard wooden paddle that leaves Zed’s ass dark red and bruised. Finally, Marco face fucks Zed with his hard dick and then pounds his ass out until he shoots a hot load.