The Punchy Proctologist Part 6


Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Drew Sebastian, Ashley Ryder, Wrex Wylde

In an unforgettable “open office” exchange at this perverted proctology practice, Nurse Drew Sebastian continues his torrid tutorial with Wrex Wylde, as they move from the inner office to the larger examination room to really get deep inside, Dr. Ashley Ryder. Drew’s muscular arm is substantially larger than Wrex’s slender wrists, and Dr. Ashley is in hog heaven as he rides his way to a quivering rosebud. Breaking in the new hire, doctor and nurse take their training to the next level as they both glove up for heavy duty double fisting tag team action in Wrex’s omnivorous butt, literally holding hands inside the piggy new hire and filling him with gobs of glistening lube to ease their way to an incredible ass-shattering three-fists-in-one-hole grand finale!