The Punchy Proctologist Part 2


Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Ashley Ryder, Wrex Wylde

Showing considerable elasticity and flexibility when faced with new challenges in his proctology interview, Wrex Wylde turns the tables on Dr. Ashley Ryder to “put the ‘ass’ in ‘assistant’.” Dom daddy Dr. Ashley is clearly still in charge, and guides Wrex through the proper steps to give the doctor a deep desktop drilling, till he is up to his elbows in the medicine man. Pushing back, grinding onto it, squatting down upon it, Dr. Ashley can’t get enough of Wrex’s long slender arm filling him up. Ashley’s red rosebud makes an appearance to entice a well-lubricated fist back into his inviting man crevice, face-fucking Wrex and completely controlling the exam till he climaxes in a shuddering orgasm. In the end, Wrex gets the position.