The Punchy Proctologist Part 1


Studio: Club Inferno
Actors:Ashley Ryder, Wrex Wylde

Dr. Ashley Ryder is the studly sphincter specialist in need of a new medical assistant and the rigorous initial interview process includes a thorough probing and rectal examination. The most promising candidate is fresh faced Wrex Wylde, making his studio debut and it’s an impressive one. Dr. Ashley lends him a hand, then another, then one arm and then two, as he wrecks Wrex’s impossibly cavernous asshole. More than just simply experienced, Wrex is wholly qualified for any and every position the good doctor can think of to put him in and he takes anything that comes near his gaping hole and rambunctious rosebud, putting the pro in prolapse. Some interviews can really kick your ass, but here Dr. Ashley literally sticks his foot up Wrex’s perky posterior after getting the doctors foot up his ass, Wrex lays back on the desk to receive Ashley’s fist one last time. With Dr. Ryder inside of him beyond his wrist, Wrex yanks his cock until his load spills out with his rosebud.