The Gas Inspector


Studio: Scottxxx
Actors: Timmy Harding, Arron Myers

The knock on the door comes from alpha straight bloke Timmy, the gas inspector. Twinky lad Arron perves on Timmy while he’s busy fucking about with the gas meters. Unexpectedly, Timmy catches the lad playing with his cock whilst looking at his trainers. And with that, they’re off! Timmy is stunning, strong body, hairy legs, big feet and oozes masculinity. It’s only right that little Arron knows his place, under the fit fuckers footie socked, hard working feet. Timmy enjoys being worshipped; having his socked feet massaged, stroked, licked and sniffed. He even lets the lad has a lick of his sweaty arsehole. Lucky fucking Arron!