The Boy Is Just A Sex Toy – Part 3


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Casper Ellis, Xavier Sibley

It’s been a wild ride for gorgeous young Casper, but it’s not over yet. We’ve seen him experiencing an insane session of arse play and fisting in part 1, then gobbled on the big uncut cock of dom boy Xavier in part 2, but now it’s time to give the twink his reward. Xavier has something special planned for this finish, roping the naked boy up to the wall and wanking his stiff cock to a full rigid erection. There’s a lot of cum in that dick but Xavier is already bored. He’s shot his load and used the boy enough, he’s ready to get on with other things while he positions the powerful vibrator in front of Casper’s desperate dick tip. The boy can feel it, the pleasure is soon growing and vibrating through his shaft and nuts while he moves his cock around it, looking for that sweet spot. Finally he gets there, his cum gushing from his piss hole in a flood of warm juice, his moans escaping his lips as every drop of splooge is vibrated out of him with intensity! It’s an amazing finish, a perfect end to an insanely hot tormenting session for the boy.