The Boy Is Just A Sex Toy – Part 2


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Casper Ellis, Xavier Sibley

After making use of the boy’s hole in part 1, filling him with toys and fisting his captive, young Xavier already needs to get his cum gushing. He knows the best way to achieve that, of course, wrapping up his boy tight in a black straight jacket and bringing out the dirty mattress to put him on. Casper can’t refuse the big length of uncut cock slapping him in the face, but you can see he might not want to refuse it anyway, he loves cock and he loves gagging on it. He gets his wish, Xavier stuffs his greedy gob, face fucking his boy and making him drink every drop of precum leaking from his tool, taking a break only to secure the boy more with chains and a wooden rod. With a blindfold over his eyes his captive is made to worship it, swallowing his tool, milking pre out of it and sucking obediently until Xavier is ready to pull out and splash his hot cum all over Casper’s face! The cum-covered meat is soon back in his gob, he likes the taste of a hot load. What’s coming for him in part 3? Stick around to find out.