The Boy Is Just A Sex Toy – Part 1


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Casper Ellis, Xavier Sibley

Xavier arrives to find his captive well and truly at his mercy, just how he likes them. Sexy young Casper is naked and bound, resting precariously on the barrel with his smooth little arse right there for the lad to enjoy, and you know this lad is going to make the most of it! With a little groping and some spit to get a finger in he’s soon exploring the boy’s insides, fucking him with his digits before moving on to the toy collection he’s had prepared. Casper likes that full feeling as the big dildos fuck his chute, but Xavier has a lot more prepared for the twink. With plenty more lube to work himself inside he starts inching his hand in, fisting the boy. The gag in Casper’s mouth muffles his moans but we can tell he’s enjoying it as Xavier fills him up. With his hole aching he’s freed from the ropes, but we know there’s more to come for him in part 2.