The Beginning: Christian Wilde And Aiden Langston

Actors: Christian Wilde, Aiden Langston

House dom Christian Wilde retires to his living quarters where he unexpectedly finds youngAiden Langston, the new House Servant. Christian is not impressed. Aiden shall be known fromnow on as Slave no. 437. Time to inspect the slut. No experience, but he claims to know how touse his mouth. 437 is ordered to undress. On his knees, hands behind his back, eyes forward.Christian holds the crop and uses it on 437. Next he grips 437’s shaved balls. Stretched andslapped with the crop. This little sub has sensitive balls. All of Christian’s slaves must havestrong balls. Christian brings out the Humbler, a large device that holds 437’s balls in a tightclamp. Then, with a collar around his neck, 437 is led away on all fours like a dog. In thekitchen, Christian spreads 437’s ass cheeks wide, admiring his sub’s gaping butt hole.Christian shoves his hard cock deep into that whore hole and butt fucks his little sub. Now 437is in rope bondage, tied up in the bedroom. Christian takes the flogger to 437’s soft, tenderflesh. 437 survives the flogger and is rewarded with Christian’s cock. Throat fucking followed bymore flogging, until 437’s ass is bright pink. Next his balls are gripped tight and the flogger isaimed at his cock. Brutal flogging on his cock and balls. No escape! 437 finds himself tied to thebed, cock and balls wound tight with rope. Christian drips hot wax on 437’s chest, belly, cockand balls. His purple balls are now coated black with wax. Now 437 is rewarded with more facefucking. Christian spreads 437’s legs wide and fucks his ass. He cums all over 437’s ass hole,before allowing the sub to clean off Christian’s cock with his mouth.