Teddy Bryce, Noah Scott, Alex Killian

Teddy Bryce is auditioning new holes for to take the stage at the fisting theater when Noah Scott enters to showcase his hole’s talents. Eager to book the gig, Noah gets down on his knees in his jock and does everything that Teddy commands from him. Teddy wants to see Noah cram his own fist into himself. Noah tries his best, he can’t quite take it all the way. Alex Killian is the janitor working nearby and notices Noah is starting to struggle to impress. Alex decides to help and peels off his clothes and jumps on stage to show Noah how it’s done. Alex gets his whole fist up his ass but Noah still isn’t able to handle it. Finally, Teddy jumps in and puts on his gloves to open Noah up. With two asses in front of him, Teddy slips a hand in each one and opens them both as wide as they’ll go. He pumps away, going wrist deep into each stud, busting their holes wide open. Alex is the first gaping hunk to give in. With Teddy pounding away on his used up hole, Alex blasts a massive load of cum all over himself. Noah is up next, and Teddy is as far inside Noah as Noah’s ass will allow when the young hunk’s cock bursts with jizz. Covered in cum, Noah knows he still needs a little practice, but it seems like he just might have the job.

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Teddy Bryce, Noah Scott, Alex Killian