Teddy Bryce And Alex Killian

After auditioning Noah, Teddy Bryce wants to see if Alex Killian has what it takes to move up from janitor to fisting performer at the theater. Alex is sure he can make the cut and starts by sucking Teddy’ big fat cock. He gets it all the way down his throat before he bends his boss over to open him up with his mouth. Teddy loves the attention his ass is getting and begs for more as Alex lubes up and slips his fingers inside the tatted bosses hole. It’s not a tight fit at all. In fact, Alex gets his hand easily sucked inside Teddy’s hungry hole. Alex twists and turns his fist as he pounds away deep inside Teddy’s butt. It’s a long and steady fist fucking that leaves Teddy’s asshole hanging out with a blooming rosebud. Alex loves what he sees and continues on with the destruction of Teddy’s talented hole. Teddy wants to see if he can take it even deeper and hops on to ride Alex’s clenched fist. Teddy rides it up and down until he blasts a load all over Alex’s face. Will Alex remain the janitor or will Teddy give him the job his trained hole desires?

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Teddy Bryce, Alex Killian