Teaming Up To Use The Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan, Flecos Cayden

Galiel has been desperate to cum since the start. His cock defies his mind, throbbing and drooling even while the pain makes him cry out. Master Kane and Flecos move him back to the bench, but it won’t be like before. The ropes are soon secured, the boy is almost hogtied as he’s hoisted up to hang at the perfect level. Flecos is ready to use that hot mouth once again while Master Kane lays on the floor below, the boy’s stiff cock and full balls hanging for him to milk and massage. It’s an intense experience for the boy, swinging feet from the ground with Flecos’ tasty dick dribbling precum in his face while Master Kane tugs his full nuts and rubs his dripping dick, tugging him off until his cock starts to spew that hot milk over the man. Flecos isn’t far behind, his own dick is soon ready to splash into the boy’s gorgeous face, his meat licked and sucked clean in a final humiliating end. We’d like to say Galiel will recover, but his eager cock will soon have him back to be used and tormented again.