Teaming Up To Use The Boy – Part 2


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan, Flecos Cayden

Master Kane and Flecos inspected the goods in part one, spanking that smooth little arse and checking out Galiel’s tight little hole, but now it’s time for them to claim what they came for. The boy is soon bent over the bench, his arms and legs strapped down tight, his hole and mouth ready to be stuffed by their hard and wet cocks. He can do nothing but cry out as the molten wax pours over his body, but he can’t deny it feels so good as those stiff penises invade his body and use him, in both ends. Master Kane and his assistant swap ends over and over, fucking his holes until they’re happy, with hot cum splashing free and their captive completely subdued. It’s not over for the boy yet, get ready for part 3!