Teaming Up To Use The Boy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan, Flecos Cayden

You know it’s going right when a sub boy’s cock continues to throb and leak precum even through the roughest treatment. Young and gorgeous Galiel has been fucked and fed their throbbing dicks before being moved to the cross. His penis is so desperate even through his moans and cries, with Master Kane wanking and sucking him to keep him present in the moment. Even the torment of hot water and freezing ice against his bare flesh isn’t enough to make his dick go limp. He needs to cum so bad, but the two won’t stop or even slow down until they’re completely satisfied. Watch as they work his body, sharing his cock between them, splashing his naked body with hot wax, rubbing ice over his tender flesh, pouring hot water down his lean form. Will he finally be allowed to cum? Watch part 3 to find out.