Teaming Up To Use Taylor – Part 6

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Taylor Mason, Mitch Schif

It’s finally time for young Taylor to shoot his load, but you know it’s not gonna be a simple thing. After all the pleasure and pain Master Kane and Mitch have inflicted on the boy he’s desperate to shoot his cum and get the relief he needs, but Mitch is on hand to make it as intense as possible with the mask over the boy’s face to restrict his breathing. Master Kane toys with the boy’s nipples and wanks himself off while Taylor furiously strokes his hard uncut cock, his face being repeatedly covered and freed to make the pleasure even more intense. Watch the twink finally get the relief he needs, before a little final tormenting of his tender balls. You know this boy is gonna want more punishment from the devious duo after this!