Teaming Up To Use Taylor – Part 5

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Taylor Mason, Mitch Schif

It’s hard to believe that Master Kane and Mitch still have so much kinky fun to share with their smooth twink boy Taylor, but things just keep escalating! The roping up of the boys legs indicates what’s to come, but before we get there Master is adding a heavy metal vice to the boy’s balls and Mitch is ready with the pinwheel! Poor little Taylor is in agony, with his scrotum bulging and trapped in metal, but things get even crazier when the boy is hoisted up to hang from his feet while they roam all over him with the electric toothbrushes. The weight on his balls grows and a hood is added to heighten the sensation. Poor little Taylor is almost exhausted, but we know there’s more to come in the final part.