Teaming Up To Use His Holes – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Flecos Cayden, Elio Amari

Master Kane and fit boy Flecos have made full use of their boy Elio so far, teaming up to pound his gorgeous little hole and feeding him their leaking penises. It’s almost time to put him back in his chair and call it a night, but not before they steal his cum from his desperate cock. Master Kane secures him to the plank and the plastic is soon being tightly wrapped around his naked body. His big cock is revealed from the tight material, quickly throbbing up in Master’s hands and mouth. Flecos assists, of course. He works that meat with equal skill and the two pleasure the boy until he can’t possibly stop his semen from bursting from his engorged helmet! With a little taste of his own juices and his tender cock sucked clean it’s time to put him to bed, until they need to enjoy his arse and cock again.