Teaming Up To Use His Holes – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Flecos Cayden, Elio Amari

It’s not often Master Kane is willing to share, especially when the boy is as hot as little Elio, but he really has a sweet spot for sexy Flecos and his hard young cock so he couldn’t wait to share the boy’s hole and mouth with him. Elio isn’t exactly reluctant, this boy loves to get his pucker stuffed with warm and raw cocks, and he can’t get enough dick to suck. The two strap him in over the bench and make the most of him, feeding him their dripping dongs and fucking his hole with their naked lengths. Both Master Kane and Flecos have a great time using the boy between them and taking some humiliating photos, but there’s a lot more to enjoy before the cum can be flung. Stick around for part 2!