Teaching Student Galiel – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Galiel Swan

Galiel is roped down to the dirty mattress, a blindfold over his eyes. The twink must have seen the candles burning so he probably knows what’s coming. With his vulnerable body secured Master Kane can get to work with the final lesson, releasing the cock cage and rubbing the boy’s uncut meat, teasing him with the vibrating toy while he works him up. He eases the end into the twink’s tight little hole, fucking him with the dildo while his hands and mouth work that dick. The pleasure of Master’s hands and mouth competes with the pain of the molten wax splashing over his nude body, his senses being flooded until he can’t stop the cum from leaping from his tip in a messy ejaculation! And so ends one of the most important lessons any student could receive.