Taylor Tormented – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Taylor Mason

The wax is still flaking from Taylor’s smooth and well-used body as Xavier puts the compliant boy in the swing, tying his legs and arms in place so he’s completely under control. He begins his final play with some humiliating piss, aiming his throbbing penis and splashing all over the naked boy’s chest. As Xavier’s piss flows down to the floor below he returns his attention to that tight little hole, already fucked with one fat and long dildo but about to take more. With some more hole play Xavier warms him up, taking some humiliating photos before sticking his cock inside and fucking his boy, ramming him with his meat and wanking Taylor’s dick until he’s ready to finish. With his erection spurting hot semen over Taylor’s cock and balls he’s finally done playing with his captive, returning him to his seat and sticking the sack over his head, probably ready for more fun once his cock has reloaded.