Taylor Tormented – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Taylor Mason

Xavier has broken in the boy in part 1, but things are soon escalating. Kneeling painfully on the bare floor young Taylor is bound at the hands and ankles, his smooth and slapped arse rubbing up against the long and thick dildo secured to the metal pole. Xavier is nice enough to use plenty of lube to cram that big toy into the boy’s hole, but with the pain of more molten wax splashing over his body Taylor is made to fuck himself on it. The compliant boy submits, rocking back and forth, sliding his pucker along the toy. Xavier is pleased, but he’s even happier when his own thick and juicy meat is being sucked. With a huge fake cock in his hole and a real juicy dick leaking precum into his mouth young Taylor does his best, but he’s going to have to endure even more in part 3.