Taylor Reign and Ty Roderick – Tough Guy – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Taylor Reign, Ty Roderick

Taylor Reign, a 22-year-old jock accused of assaulting a female student at his college, agrees to be punished in our dungeon to save his athletic scholarship. “Is that all you got?” he asks with a sneer after Ty Roderick rips off his shirt and flogs his chest and abs. “You think you’re a tough guy?” Ty replies, whipping him harder. Taylor groans and flexes as his body turns bright red. Strapping on hard-rubber gloves, Ty gut-punches the muscular jock, who gasps in pain but remains defiant, spitting in Ty’s face. Pissed but turned on, Ty strips Taylor naked and shoves a finger up his ass while chocking him, then gut-punches him with bare fists. “I think I smell fear,” Ty says, pushing the jock to his knees.