Superfan: Roman Todd Takes Greg Riley’s Infatuated Ass

Actors: Greg Riley, Roman Todd

Greg Riley gets more than he bargained for when he wins a “meet & greet” with favorite action star Roman Todd. During their meet up Greg lets Roman know what a huge fan he is of all his movies and that he would do absolutely anything for him anytime, anything! Todd is grateful to have such an exuberant fan but seems a little ovewhelmed by how obsessive and unrestrained he is. Things take an unexpected turn when Todd follows Greg out to his car, takes him down and drags him to the dungeon to have his way. Greg did say he would do anything after all so now he is tied up, chained to a platform and begging his muscular and toned master Todd to spank him. Spanking, flogging, nipple torment and deepthroat cock sucking ensue.Then with Greg tied up tight on hands and knees Todd slams him with the punishing leather paddle and unleashes an intense course of electricity on his smitten little plaything. First he gets shocked with the zapper, then the relentless sizzle of the violet wand all over his body. Finally Todd pounds Greg’s hole raw and shoots his hot load all over his ass.