Sub Boy Cum Fun – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Oliver Wesley

Despite the position he’s in blindfolded boy Oliver seems to be having fun. Bent over he bench with his naked arse exposed the boy takes some slaps, but it’s the pain of the molten wax that really hits him. His smooth cheeks are soon covered in a hardening coating, but bulging boy Xavier isn’t done yet. The boy gets a look at the big bulging uncut cock he’s expected to suck and in moments his mouth is full of those warm inches, fucked while he slurps the juicy meat, working hard to make the boy cum in his face. He clearly likes sucking that masterful cock and slurping the juicy cream from it, but he’s rewarded by a flogging of his sore cheeks instead of praised for his cock servicing. There’s more for the boy in part 3.