Actors: Han Cross, Johnny Ford

Johnny Ford is trying to get his life together, and he took a big step in the right direction when helanded a job as a janitor at the new city jail that is still under construction. Unfortunately, Ford fellquickly back into his old ways when he was left alone one day. After discovering a policeuniform, Ford uses it to impersonate a police officer outside the building. Here he finds HanCross and another young man enjoying a brief romantic interlude in the bushes during theirlunch hour. Ford hauls Cross into the jail, threatening to charge him with public indecency. Hanis strip searched, getting Ford’s finger deep in his ass. Han starts to suspect something is amisswhen Ford seems to overly enjoy inspecting and probing Han’s butt and asshole. Han is placedin a cell and knows something definitely isn’t right when Ford whips out his hard cock. At firstHan is willing to give Ford a blow-job if that’s what’s needed to get out of jail. He doesn’t expectthe zapper, though, which Ford uses on his bare skin. Ford places Han against the wall andfucks his face, plunging his hard boner all the way back against Han’s throat. Han wakes up tofind his arms tied to the ceiling. He’s gagged, with painful forceps clamps locked on his nipplesand balls! Han can do nothing while Ford fondles and sucks Han’s cock. Ford then flogs the shitout of Han before bending Han over and fucking his ass. Han then has Ford’s well-used cock inhis mouth for another round of cock-sucking. Han is put on his back on a dirty mattress,tormented by Ford and a hard leather paddle. Han sucks and licks Ford’s dirty toes and feet,anything to keep that leather paddle off his dick and balls. Ford flips his prisoner over and fuckshim doggy style, pounding that ass hard and heavy before making sure Han Cross, prisoner no.1, swallows his hot load of cum.