Stepdad’s Closet

Actors: Benvi, Christian Wilde

Benvi comes home from college only to find his Stepdad, Christian Wilde, on the phone, and in a meeting. Christian quickly gets off the phone and greets Benvi. Benvi scoffs at Christian’s genuine attempts at having a nice friendly conversation with his stepson. When Christian leaves to get lunch, Benvi can’t help but snoop around in Christian’s bedroom while he’s out. He finds Christian’s cum stained underwear, a bag full of kinky toys, and makes himself comfortable on his parent’s bed. He huffs his stepdad’s underwear, jerks off, and passes out. Christian comes home to find Benvi naked on his bed and wakes him up. Benvi apologizes and Christian uses it as a bonding opportunity so he takes him down off the bed by his face and makes him get on his knees. Christian pulls out his big cock and shoves it in his stepson’s mouth and Benvi sucks it like a good boy. After that, Christian ties Benvi up with rope, face-down and ass-up. Christian beats Benvi’s ass with a wooden paddle and then licks his asshole. In the next scene, Christian has Benvi naked over his lap with his ass in the air. Christian spanks Benvi’s ass hard with his leather gloved hands and then with an even bigger wooden paddle. Christian slides his big dick inside his stepson’s asshole and fucks him raw and hard until they both cum huge loads.