Step-Brothers’ Secrets: Brock Kniles And Derek Kage

Actors: Brock Kniles, Derek Kage

The happy honeymooners Derek Kage and Sophia arrive home, but to their surprise find Derek’s stepbrother Brock Kniles waiting for them. Clearly there is some history between them, But Sophia believes family is important, so she decides to leave and let the brothers hash out their issues in private. After Sophia leaves, Derek apologizes for not inviting Brock to their wedding. As Derek tries to leave Brock takes him down, wrestles him into submission, and restrains his arms with rope. Derek licks Brocks balls and soon uses every inch of his tongue in Brock’s ass. This makes Brock rock hard so he shoves his cock in Derek’s mouth and face fucks him. Brock grabs a mouth gag and puts it in on Derek, and then uses a riding crop to punish him with brutal smacks. Brock then moves onto a large wood paddle and starts to smack Derek’s butt cheeks until they turn pink from the hard impacts. Derek gets bent over the couch and is put into submission with a foot on his face. Brock switches out the wood paddle for a black leather paddle and continues to spank Dereks ass harder and harder. He decides to loosen up Dereks tight asshole with his fingers. Brock pounds Derek’s tight ass as Derek groans with pleasure. Derek has his hands tied to his legs as Brock fucks him missionary style while grabbing his neck. Using the riding crop, Brock smacks Derek’s chest and legs while fingering his ass and rimming him. Brock bastinados Derek’s feet and soles with a paddle and then stretches out his hungry ass again and dumps a huge creampie in it. Derek gets his cock stroked by his stepbrother until he explodes in a much-needed release.