Stefano: Blind Muscle – Chapter 8


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

Stefano’s naked body is displayed on the torture table perfectly, his arms chained overhead to one winch, his legs chained to another. The slight stretch and the raising of his arms and legs cause his stomach to suck in and his limbs to flex, making him look even more muscular and ripped. Stefano remains blindfolded, in total darkness, nothing but a perfect piece of man-meat. Anthony Martin stays in the shadows, his eyes drinking in every inch of the slave’s physique. Then Anthony does what everyone watching this would love to do: He fondles and caresses that perfect body, from his throat and biceps to his pecs and waistline to his thighs and feet. And, of course, Anthony strokes that gorgeous, hairless cock and balls. Then he cranks both winches, stretching the stud just to the point of pain, reminding him that he is not just an object of desire, but a slave to be tortured. But first, his body must be oiled.