Stefano – Blind Muscle – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

Anthony Martin loves keeping Stefano blindfolded and standing erect, his arms at his sides, chained away from his body, his legs spread, his back aching, forced to remain erect and unbending for hours by the steel collar around his neck. It is the ideal position for maximum appreciation of his physique. He flexes and strains against the chains, displaying his muscles perfectly. He is gagged and completely naked, a voiceless slab of muscle. Anthony rubs down every inch of his glorious body with baby oil before, once again, flogging the stud mercilessly on his abs and pecs, stopping only to grope his reddened, warm flesh and his fat, hairless cock and balls. Then Anthony switches to a horse crop – delivering a new, much sharper pain to his torso, inner thighs and cock. In totally darkness, Stefano is terrified and confused. Then a live electrode touches his metal collar.