Stefano – Blind Muscle – Chapter 4


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

Stefano is solid muscle from head to toe, a Greek god, a man of incredible strength, at the peak of his physical prowess, but now he is utterly helpless, chained at his throat, wrists and ankles, a slab of meat, completely at the mercy of a man not half his size. He has been shipped to our dungeon by has new master, a rich Roman aristocrat, who has hired us to torture him mercilessly, live on camera for all to see. Professional sadist Anthony Martin has stripped and blindfolded Stefano. His body has been shaved smooth, like marble. And now he is being brutally flogged, up and down his V-shaped back and bulbous ass. Anthony puts down the whip only long enough to fondle the muscle boy, then goes right back to whipping him and misting the fresh wounds with alcohol, sending that glorious body into new spasms of pain.