Stefano – Blind Muscle – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

Stefano is completely naked, his muscular body glistening, displayed perfectly, a human-X of solid muscle. A single-tail whip, expertly wielded by professional sadist Anthony Martin, cuts into his back and ass over two-dozen times, making the young muscle-stud scream and gasp in pain. Anthony gropes Stefano’s body like he is a side of beef, then goes right back to whipping him. Stefano, blindfolded, has no idea what will happen next. Each slice of the whip, each grab of his ass and cock, is a surprise. It’s like he isn’t fully human, just a slab of boy-flesh. After inflicting all that agony, Anthony gets him hard, then jerks him off, forcing rope after rope of cum from his cock. Then he zaps Stefano’s balls with a taser, several times.