Stefano: Blind Muscle – Chapter 11

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

After five hours on the cross, Stefano is immediately chained on his back to a bench press. He is totally exhausted, every muscle in his body fatigued to the point of failure. He pulls pitifully on a steel chain wrapped around his waist. “Put your hands up here!” Anthony Martin orders, tapping a barbell resting on a rack above Stefano’s face. Stefano grips the bar and moans quietly as Anthony fastens his hands to it with duct tape. The slave remains blindfolded so he doesn’t notice Anthony attaching an electrode to one end of the rack holding the barbell, but when Anthony touches the other end with a second electrode, Stefano is zapped with current – down his arms and through his torso! Now the exhausted bodybuilder must hold the 170-pound barbell above its resting place – or be shocked! His traumatized arms and chest tremble until his muscles give out and he drops the weight, shocking himself continuously until he manages to lift it again. This dance of pain continues for hours.