Stefano: Blind Muscle – Chapter 10


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Stefano

Stefano’s owner, Don Giovanni, is a devout Catholic who grew up in an old Roman church, staring at a marble statue of a nearly naked young man nailed to a cross. He dreamed of yanking the loincloth from the crucified man’s hips. He imagined what it would be like to touch the man’s quivering flesh, feeling the pain emanating from his muscles. Now, as a rich man, he can make those dreams come true. Today he crucifies the perfect muscle-stud – Stefano – for the first of what will be hundreds of times. The young bodybuilder is completely naked, shaved smooth. He is so powerful he can hold his body in position for over an hour, but the agony of the cross is unbearable. Every muscle in his body bulges, under intense strain. Giovanni tells his surrogate, Anthony Martin, to moisten Stefano’s body with a mist of vinegar and oil and rub the mixture into his whipped skin and aching muscles. Anthony has never felt anything so sublime.