Stealing A Straight Boy’s Cum – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Mitch Schif, Harry Mason

It’s part one of a long session of kinky play for super fit straight boy Harry, and he’s about to experience a lot of things he’s never done before. Naked and made hard and wet in their stroking hands the boy is roped up tight against the pallets on the wall, then it’s time for the guys to get to work with the painfully pinching clothespins. This straight boy is a little bit defiant, but he can’t stop his cock from throbbing with excitement. The pegs are liberally applied to his most tender spots, including his balls, before being ripped away. He wants to cry out, but you can see he’s fighting it. You’re wondering what they might do to him next, but you can check out part 2 to see for yourself!