Special Student Lessons – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Mitch Schif, Alexis Scott

It’s time for the final lesson for student boy Alexis. Taken to the bedroom the boy is soon roped by his ankles. After all the pain and pleasure he’s experienced already he’s eager for more from Master Kane and his assistant Mitch. With naked cocks to suck and slurp the student learns quickly, the two feeding his eager mouth while sucking and wanking him in return. Of course, with the boy totally roped by the hands and feet they can’t resist the opportunity to slide their dicks inside his pucker, fucking him in turn. His cock seems to love it, and even when they take a break to torment him with pinching clothespins his student penis is still stiff and dripping. The boy has never experienced the pleasure of exploding his cum while pegs are ripped from his body before!