Soccer Boy’s Giant Cum Facial

Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: Cecil Rose, Nico Butti

Bearded and kinky Cecil can’t help himself, the smooth soccer boy is too tempting. He lunches at Nico, tearing his tight little briefs down and grabbing his ass, the man’s big uncut meat quickly freed from his pants to slap against the boy’s naked cheeks. They could be caught at any moment, but the speed and fury of Cecil’s lust gives the boy no time to react other than to get to his knees to suck on the hard man’s meat. He gobbles and slurps on the tanned shaft in his face and soon enough he’s being face fucked. Cecil is determined to make full use of the boy, eating out his hole and getting him dripping wet with spit before plunging his bareback fuckmeat deep inside. He pounds the soccer boy up against the lockers before pushing into the twink on his back. It might have been unexpected for Nico but the innocent sporty boy is soon wanking his copious cum from his cock and making a hot mess, quickly followed by a semen shower from top Cecil, bathing the boy’s face in masses of hot sperm.