Smooth Danny At His Mercy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Danny Bianchi

Young Master Sean has had his fun with Danny, covering him in hot wax and pounding his tight little spanked rump, now it’s time for Master Kane to step in and finish the job! The aggressive dom daddy loves stealing cum from the captive boys and he can’t wait to milk out the mess from young Danny after everything he’s been through, he knows it’s going to be a tasty cum pump. With the boy tightly bound in a straitjacket he gets to work, lubing up that cock, rubbing the twink incessantly with his experienced hand. If there’s one thing Master Kane knows how to do well it’s rub a good hard cock, and he knows how to take his time and make it as intense as possible. With Danny’s hot semen gushing out and pouring over Master’s hand all that’s left is to make the boy eat it!